Summer of Soil

If it is possible to regenerate our soils, whilst regenerating our food culture and health at the same time, then why don’t we do that?

The Story of Soil
Soil represents one of the most critical challenges of this time, affects us all, and is yet still largely unknown. The issue of soil degradation is of such a magnitude and complexity that it is beyond the power of any single organisation, industry or country to address alone. A broad-scale, cross-sectoral collaborative approach is needed. And it is needed now.

According to the FAO, more than 90% of our food comes from our soils, yet current unsustainable production practices have degraded 25% of the Earth’s soils to the point where they can no longer support agricultural production or even natural ecosystems. This degradation continues today at a rate of around 10 million ha per year globally, that is 30 soccer fields per minute.

Summer of Soil was launched in 2013 with the intention to build up towards 2015, the International Year of Soil. It took place in Järna, Sweden during the summers of 2013 & 2014. Why no Summer of Soil 2015? Find out here

Living Soil Forum 2013


Over 90% of our food comes from our soil. 25% of this soil has already been degraded to the level where it can no longer support food production. Globally, we are losing 10 million hectares of fertile soil each year. That is 30 soccer fields per minute. The majority of this degradation (75%) is due to agriculture, the way in which we currently farm the land.

The FAO, European Union and others recognise the importance of soil and warn of the negative influence of unsustainable agriculture and soil management on the health of our soils and food security.

Our events

  • The series of Lectures invited experts from around the globe to speak on the topics of soil, food and nutrition. It took place in spring 2014.
  • The Courses offered opportunities to explore and experience a variety of different approaches to working with soil and food production. They took place in summer 2013.
  • The Living Soil Exhibition aimed to give insight into the amazing substance soil really is, as well as showcasing and illustrating different methods and experiments of growing practices, both for the countryside and for urban environments. It took place in summer 2013 and 2014..
  • The Living Soil Forum was a 5 day event, aiming to accelerate the international collaborative movement to steward our soils by bringing together farmers, retailers/wholesalers, government, academia, civil society & youth. It took place in July 2013

Permaculture Design Course - Summer of Soil 2013

Why no Summer of Soil 2015? Find out here.