Living Soil Forum

9 – 12 July 2014

Soil degradation represents one of the most critical yet unknown challenges of our time. A quick refresh of the facts:

More than 90% of our food comes from our soils, yet current unsustainable land use practices have degraded 25% of the earth’s soils to the point where they can no longer support production and biodiversity. This degradation continues today at the global rate of around 10 million ha per year; that is 30 soccer fields per minute!

The issue of soil degradation is of such magnitude and complexity that it is beyond the power of any single organization, industry or country to address. A broad-scale, cross-sectoral, collaborative approach is needed, top-down and bottom-up!

Last year 130 people convened at the Summer of Soil to connect and kickstart this movement and about 8000 people were reached through our Living Soil Exhibition. Since the UN has declared 2015 the ‘International Year of Soils’, the time is now to accelerate and expand awareness on soil degradation.  We hereby invite you to the Living Soil Forum 2014 to work with us on the following questions:

  • What is already planned for 2015 in terms of a global soil campaign, and how can we support and expand these efforts?
  • What are you and we planning for 2015, and how can we collaborate with one another?
  • What do we do concretely tomorrow or “next Monday morning”, and how do we keep working together?
  • 2015 is only the beginning, what is next?

This years forum revolves around your ideas, projects and initiatives so we invite you to bring those – small or big, new or planned, local or global. We will be meeting in ‘working-style’, and of course entirely participatory and collaboratively. We will be fused with inspiration from the soil, food and health nexus through a few keynote contributors, and nurtured by (optional) work on the farm and of course delicious organic local food.

The Living Soil Forum will take place 9th -11th of July 2014 , with a 1-day ‘action incubator’ July 12th; all at the Kulturcentrum in Järna, Sweden.

The Living Soil Forum 2014 has been cancelled. READ MORE